. . Konges Sløjd | Une marque nordique coup de cœur

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Konges Slojd | One of our favorite brands!!!!!

Posted by Boutique Bohome Admin on
Konges Sløjd | Une marque nordique coup de cœur

Konges Sløjd was founded in 2014 in Copenhagen by Emilie Konge Breindal.

The Scandinavian brand aims to produce baby accessories in a sustainable environment with noble and ecological materials.

Everything is well thought out, whether in the choice of textiles, materials, colors, shapes and design.
It's certain, we can't help it any longer pass and it will be the same for you be sure!!!

The collection is essential for our beautiful Bohome community and it is with joy that we will share with you and offer the wide range such as this summer's essential shell sprinkler this pretty brand that comes straight from the Nordic countries.

Each product is well thought out to complete each learning experience in the life of your mini with pleasure.

Nothing can or will ever be perfect, and life with children can be chaotic at times. But what a wonderful mess!


Bohemian boutique.

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