It is a pleasure to introduce you and make you discover Louise Misha, you will quickly be addicted!!!!

Items inspired the most beautiful travels, women, a multitude of colors and above all a lot of joy that abounds in this sublime French brand.

This company is totally representative of our tastes, our values, our beautiful community Bohome of which you are a part, dear readers.

The story begins with two passionate and radiant friends: Marie (the founder) and Claire (the director and childhood friend) who advocate values ​​that are identical and similar to ours.

So it's a bohemian universe where the clothes are made with carefully chosen materials, a multitude of floral prints, an ethnic tone that also reminds us of the sixties! A bohemian-chic trend that speaks to us so much, inspires us and lulls us into an enchanting and poetic universe.

Each year, new, more vibrant collections come out and amaze us for women, babies, girls with our Arinola dress and boys as well than an in-house range like our beautiful Vaeva bag. We therefore want you to discover this charming brand made of natural and environmentally friendly materials such as wool, cotton, organic cotton and silk. A humane company involved on all fronts of the fashion world.

Welcome Louise Misha to our beautiful community Bohobut above all thank you for this collaboration.


Bohemian Boutique.

February 25, 2022 — Boutique Bohome Admin

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