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Weeds | Dish cake mix

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Cake cleaner, effective in removing grease and stains, is traditionally used as a solid detergent for dishes, but it also cleans surfaces (ceramic counters, marble, wood, glass ceramic), sinks and washbasins, the bathtub and the shower, in addition to unfastening clothes!
Needless to say, this is definitely an ultra-versatile product that any Grano house cannot do without.

Included in the set:
- Bag number 1 containing the surfactants
- Bag number 2 containing the additives complete for making.

*Note that bag n*2 is inside bag n*1.
*Biodegradable provided it goes through a water treatment system.

180g or the equivalent of 2 dish cakes

Ingredients: ​​
INCI: sodium cocoyl isethionate, sodium coco sulfate, sodium carbonate, citric acid.

Once the cake is dry and hard, rub it with a showerhead, brush, loofah sponge or scouring sponge until until foam is done!
Rub the brush or sponge on the dishes or any other surface to be cleaned!

The detergent will spread more optimally on dishes that are already wet.
Rinse with water.
To clean a stained item of clothing: wet the stain and rub the fabric against the cake to make it lather. Leave on for a few minutes, scrub, then rinse with water.