It is with enthusiasm and joy that the Bohöme team introduces you and shares a few words with you about this great collaboration with the OYOY family..

We love Scandinavian brands, they remind us of simplicity, the authenticity of natural materials, quality, all in an original and trendy design.

And !!! What a trend...

The “Boho” spirit of course, which for us are items made for our beautiful community bohemian.
All the collections make us want to change and improve our interiors.

Through the Bohöme store, we will start the adventure with products for your minis like the rattan doll collection with the bed and the a high chair, then we will expand the collection over time in our Home and Decoration sections.

A glimpse of their history:

"The name is inspired by the letters OY, which since 1929 have been the signature of all Danish aircraft. No matter where the aircraft are in the world, the feeling of belonging to Denmark is important .
At OYOY Living Design we are also proud of our roots and the letters OY should indicate our Danish heritage".

A beautiful brand that we will support with great kindness.


Bohemian boutique.

February 21, 2022 — Boutique Bohome Admin

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