We never get tired of it and we see it everywhere… what are you going to tell me of course??

Well the “Boho” trend!!!!!

It starts from the word bohemian which, already 200 years ago, made its entrance and which differentiated itself from the others by a bohemian style (in English): casual and colorful outfit, long hair based on creativity and poverty.

This trend continues over the centuries with the year 1960 and its famous “Hippies”. It was renamed up to date in the 20th century by this new name, i.e. “boho”, “boho-chic”.

This style also comes to us from the gypsy and nomadic communities, which inspire a mixture of cultures, crafts, travels and different materials that nature offers us.

“This little parenthesis which has a real history of almost two centuries and which travels across the continents to give us this time new trends in furnishing and decoration”.

The Boho spirit is above all a style, an atmosphere, a timeless look that transcends time. Both our travel memories, the furniture of our grandparents, the learning of the know-how of our ancestors, the creation of handicrafts or products for daily care..

It is above all a philosophy and an open-mindedness towards the mixture of textures, soft and natural colors, a visual and spiritual appeasement. Which makes us travel through several countries or landscapes that we want to adapt and welcome into our interior and our lifestyle.


Bohemian boutique.