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Green planet | Activated charcoal solid toothpaste

$8.00 $9.35

A must have for your bathroom and your travels!

At Verte Planète we advocate zero waste, and for us this indicates a product that is handmade with love while of course thinking of the quality features.

This solid toothpaste is made from green clay, activated charcoal and peppermint essential oil. Ingredients combined wonderfully for teeth whitening, anti-bacterial intake and the fight against toxins lodged in your mouth. In addition, no possible waste and a service life of several months.

INSTRUCTIONS: Run the toothbrush under running water and simply rub it over the solid toothpaste to pick up a little. Then brush your teeth as usual. It is best to let it dry after each use. If possible, store it in an airtight jar.

Each block weighs approximately 22g.