The Trappers ! A fabulous Quebec gang full of talent and humor! but above all a great complementary team with their know-how and skills..

It is with great gratitude and honor that the Bohöme team represents the products of the Weed community.

With their authenticity and their decadent humour, they offer us their passion and their love for the natural, the true, the learning and the good done that Mother nature offers us  through its innumerable plants and organic materials filled with a thousand and one virtues. The Mariane soap will surprise you with its captivating scent of lime and Indian Verbena.

Being ourselves fans of their sumptuous products, our community Bohome as well as their families (also for the little ones) will no longer be able to do without this innovative and signed brand made in Quebec.

So to your baskets!!!!


Bohemian boutique.

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