First of all WE LOVE IT Minika!!!!

This sleek, minimalist design, a rainbow of pastel colors, each more beautiful than the next, which perfectly matches our community boho-bohemian, as well as our values.

The collection is magical and it makes you want to own all the items for our little ones: pacifier, bibs, teething rattle, plate and many more…

Minika is a family company that makes it a point of honor to manufacture in its small and growing workshop, quality items for your minis.

This ranges from products for learning, to comforting ones and those to put something in their mouth.

Be 100% confident about this brand that is making waves with its natural, ingenious items and a little extra “Let's encourage local”.

The Bohöme team is proud to represent Minika and we wish them a long and eternal success.


Bohemian boutique.

February 21, 2022 — Boutique Bohome Admin

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