A great discovery for our dear Boho community. Our experience in the field of natural cosmetics has immersed us without any restraint in the splendid universe of this talented creator of the company Moonchild cosmetics.

Our enthusiasm for its original products will make many handmade enthusiasts.

The scent and sweetness of candles made from natural ingredients such as soy wax adorned with dried flowers, are part of the Bohome team must-haves for our interiors.

Moonchild candles are made with a lot of love and passion for crystals. Each stone carries its own message and energy, it's up to you to choose yours! My favorite is the Vanilla Flower candle.

Remember to remove the flowers and your stone from the candle before lighting it.

A little something extra: recharge them with energy to enjoy them again and again during a yoga or meditation session!

We thank this beautiful Quebec company with values ​​and ethics that resemble us for sharing with us this passion for Mother Nature.


Bohemian boutique.

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