Moonchild | Oat&Honey Candle

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Moonchild Cosmétiques, offers us a nice range of unique candles that will enchant our beautiful "Boho" community.

The enchantress, this 8oz candle is made from soy wax, a wooden wick, dried flowers without synthetic fragrance and reveals a precious stone that finds to be for this model "thea Lepidolite stone".

"Being very useful for alleviating stress and depression by stopping negative or even obsessive thoughts, it fights insomnia and your mood levels, and is also a physical help in strengthening your immune system".

Associated with the Chakras of the crown, the 3rd eye. You can place your stone on the forehead for regenerative relaxation.

Leave the fire long enough on the base of the wooden wick the first time you use it. Be sure to remove the crystals and dried flowers when the wax melts to keep them intact.

A reassuring product without toxic fumes and black smoke.

Made in Quebec.